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hello there again,

It has been a while but now I can finally present you guys something that works. It is a matrix library that is somewhat fast (actually it isn’t as fast in google chrome as I hoped) but it still will be 2 to 3 times faster than Sylvester for nearly every function in there. And a lot of functions in there.

Minefield is another story it seems to keep close to mjs which seems to beat Sylvester at least a 100 fold so that is not something that is bad my guess.

The 2 libraries to test against are Sylvester and mjs (the most used one and the fastest one).

testsuite: testsuite can take ten minutes or so to complete

sorry no docs or anything just a quick update on a faster matrix library

suggestions or other matrix libraries to test against are greatly appreciated


Posted February 19, 2010 by ewgl in webGL

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